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Seedr - Save and share your files onlineSeedr is a superb seedbox service that is also available for free. It is also handy for people who cannot use torrent in private networks (school, workplace, etc.) because of the firewall. Users add the torrent file or hash, and the system creates a download link as HTTP. After downloading, users who delete the torrent from the list get some free space in return. In the past, members of Seedr were invited by invitation only. The reference system is still in use. Thanks to users coming through this system, a 500 MB gift to the referring member. Besides, 500 MB more is given as gifts to the ones who share links about the system on Twitter or Pinterest, or YouTube. Are you still not sure whether Seedr is the right match? Check out some alternatives below!

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Bitport - A safe port for all your torrentsBitport logo alternative

Put. io is a unique place for users to keep their files logo alternative

The TorrentSafe application, which is a Torrent download client, provides users with intense privacy and security logo alternative

Offcloud. com is a cloud-based download manager for a customer's files logo alternative

Direct-Torrents is a site that provides web services to its users by providing them with download links from several torrents logo alternative

Bitso. ir is a platform that users may convert the torrents to direct links logo alternative

Quick-torrent. com is a platform that allows users to easily and quickly download torrent files logo alternative

Instant. io which streams file transfer provides users downloading and uploading files via the WebTorrent protocol (BitTorrent via WebRTC) logo alternative

Megabox - Not that mega cloud serviceMegabox. me is a cloud storage service provider that acts as an intermediary between the user and the source of torrents
streamza logo alternative


Streamza. com is a domain name for GoDaddy platform logo alternative

Zbigz - Big help downloading torrentsZbigz. com is a torrent downloader that has been around for over a decade logo alternative

CloudLoad is another file storage and sharing platform logo alternative

Transfercloud is a system that users can download their torrent files to their cloud accounts logo alternative

Boxopus is a platform designed for the users to download their torrents to their cloud accounts without using any kind of applications used for downloading torrents logo alternative

Sonicseedbox is a torrent cloud storage that is easy and super fast to use
utdrive-com logo alternative


Putdrive is a downloader for online content that allows users to get content from over 85 hosters to user's online cloud storage such as Amazon Cloud Drive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, Ozibox, and Dropbox logo alternative

Loadbt. com allows users to download torrents from anywhere to their personal Loadbt cloud in a fast and secure manner logo alternative

filestream. me is a Download Manager and Private Cloud Storage site serving English, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese logo alternative

Foxleech. com refers to a torrent downloader that allows downloading of content from several hosting websites logo alternative

ByteBX is a cloud storage that provides support for a Torrent cache